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2. Show Off Your Moves
  • 1. Introduction to Events
  • 2. Show Off Your Moves
  • 3. Sports Commentator Talk
  • 4. Comment on the Athletes
  • 5. Add-Ons
  • 6. Reflection
  • 7. Wrap-up: Sports Commentary
  • 8. Wrap-up: Share Your Project
  • 9. Wrap-up: Show Your Project
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  1. Make the sprite look like it's performing using the "change costume" and "repeat" blocks.
  2. Slow down the costume changes using the "wait" block.
  3. Make the code run when the user presses a key using the "when key pressed" block.
  4. Copy the code to the other sprites. Change the keypress event for each athlete.
  5. Tinker with the values in the repeat loops and "wait" blocks.