In this video, you will program commentary about each of the athletes in your project.

Sports commentators talk about what the athletes are doing to help viewers better understand what's going on.

Click on the commentator sprite.

First, make the commentator introduce the sport.

From the Looks menu, drag a say block into the commentator script and click on it.

The sprite says, hello in a speech bubble for two seconds.

To change how long you see the speech bubble, change this number.

To change what the sprite says, change what's in the blank.

Tinker with the values to make the project your own.

A commentator might introduce a sporting event in different ways.

He or she might give background information about the sport or the venue, say something about past games, or athlete performances, or simply say something welcoming.

In this example, the commentator says, hi, I'm Joe.

Welcome to the world's greatest sporting event!

Add more commentary by placing say blocks one after another and snapping them together.

This example follows the introduction with, I remember back in the day when I used to be part of the team.

At the end, add a line telling people how to see the athletes perform.

This example says, press one, two, or three to see the athlete perform.

Finally, add an event to start the commentary.

In Scratch the flag starts most programs.

To start the commentary with the flag is clicked, go to the Events menu and place a one flag click block above the commentary.

Here's the game plan.

Use multiple say blocks to introduce the competition.

Then add a when flag clicked event above the say blocks to start the commentary.

The next video will make the commentator talk about the athletes while they're performing.


  1. Use the "say" block to introduce the competition.
  2. Add a "when flag clicked" event above the "say" blocks to start the commentary.