In this video you'll program the narrator to broadcast the first message to the main character.

This example starts with the narrator making the main character dance, but you can start with any message you like.

What happens first depends on your character's personality, and what you want to show the audience about that character.

Select the narrator to start programming it.

The main character needs to know when the narrator is done speaking so it can start dancing.

To broadcast that message drag out a broadcast block, and select the action the main character will perform in the drop-down menu.

In this example the main character will dance, so dancing is selected in the drop-down menu in the broadcast block.

Click on this code to test it.

The narrator talks, then the main character dances.


Next, in this example the narrator talks about the main character breathing fire and broadcasts a message to make the main character perform that action.

In your project, program the main character to perform any action you like, and make the narrator talk and broadcast the message based on that reaction.

Keep adding the broadcast block and selecting messages in the drop-downs to make the main character perform the actions in the story.

Click on the code.

The narrator talks, the main character performs an action, the narrator keeps talking, the main character performs another action.

Using the broadcast and wait block instead, let's the character complete the action before the next block runs.

Watch this example to see how it works.

Whether you use the broadcast or the broadcast and wait block depends on how you want to tell your story.

Make the messages broadcast in a way that makes sense for your story.

Finally, add the when flag clicked block to the top of the narrator's story so the audience can run your program by clicking the green flag.

The next video we'll discuss how to create your own broadcast message.

Now it's your turn.

Insert broadcast or broadcast and wait blocks into your narrator story where appropriate.

Begin the story with a when flag clicked block.


  1. Broadcast the messages at appropriate times in the story.
  2. Start the story with a "when the green flag is clicked" block.