2. Using Actions to Learn About a Character


In this video you'll learn about the main character through its actions and you'll choose the order in which it will perform those actions.

First, look at the different actions the main character can do.

The main character in each starter project has a unique set of actions it can perform in response to what the narrator says.

In this example, when the main character receives the message dance, it switches between two different costumes 10 times.

This makes it look like it's dancing.

Click on the code to watch this happen.

The main character's actions give you an idea of its personality.

Is I quick to anger?

Happy go lucky?

A courageous heroin or hero?

Maybe it's just having a bad day.

Now develop the narrator's story about this character by writing the narrator's dialogue.

Later you'll use the main character's reactions to illustrate the narrator's story, but for this video use the save for two seconds blocks you've used in previous days to make the narrator tell a story about the main character.

The next video will show you how to program the narrator to send or broadcast messages to the main character.

Now it's your turn.

Program the narrator to tell a story about the main character.

Use the specific character reactions included in the starter project you chose to guide what the narrator will say and develop the character in your story.

Test your code often, so you catch bugs along the way.


  1. Explore the actions your character has.
  2. Outline a story in which the character uses those actions.
  3. Program the narrator to start telling the story.