This is your final video of the day.

It will wrap up today's club activities and give you a preview of the next club session.

Next session you will create a stormy day story complete with an interactive setting.

Computer scientists use technology and programming to enhance communication between people.

One specific way they do this is by building programs that translate between people who speak different languages.

Here you could see a real computer translation of what I'm saying into Spanish.

Technologies like this allow businesses to communicate across borders, or even just allow people like you to read websites written in a different language.

While it's impressive that a program can translate everything someone says, there's now a program that can do something even more complex.

Check out this app that can translate written text with a camera.

The computer science concepts used to make that technology are the same ones you're learning in this club.

You'll have the chance to build on the concepts you're learning now in high school and college computer science classes.

With education and practice you can be responsible for creating the next great technological advancement.

Computer scientists support and learn from each other.

Once this video finishes playing, post a shout out to a fellow club member on the G+ board and write some words of encouragement like, thanks for all the help today, Ayanna, or, I really liked you project, Malik.

Great job coding today.

Now go forth and tell your story.

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