Congratulations on telling your first story in CS First Storytelling.

This is your final video of the day.

It will wrap-up today's club activities and give you a preview of the next club session.

You began an amazing journey today in computer science, but today was just the start.

In today's project, you learned to use an important computer science principle, sequencing, to build a story driven by dialogue.

Dialogue is important to a story because it lets the characters express themselves and communicate their thoughts.

It's important in real life for the same reason.

Dialogue allows you to express yourself and communicate with others.

Today you received Scratch sign in information.

With this information, you can access your projects from any computer that has an internet connection.

Just go to and sign in.

(upbeat music)

Your projects will be saved under the My Stuff menu.

Before you leave today's club, be sure to share your project with others and tell them how it works.

Write clear instructions so any Scratch user can play around with your project and make it work.

Go forth and tell your story!

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