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This video will show you how to bring the rain from the Day 3 Dynamic Setting project into this project. If you have not completed the Dynamic Setting: If you have already completed the Day 3 project, continue watching this video.

To make it rain in your story, use the rain from the Dynamic Setting project. Open a new tab. In that tab, open the Dynamic Setting project.

It probably requires you going to Scratch and looking in "My Stuff."

To take the rain from that project, put it in your backpack. Click on the triangle at the bottom of your screen to open the tab labelled “backpack.” Then, drag the rain from the sprites area into the backpack. Close that tab, and go back to the tab for today’s project. You need to refresh your browser page for it to show up in your Backpack here.

When you open the backpack tab now, you should see the rain sprite. Drag it into the sprites area of your project.

The rain starts as soon as the green flag is clicked. You may want it that way, but in this example, it will be raining in the woods after the character walks through the secret door. To change when the rain starts, remove the “when green flag is clicked” block, and replace it with “when backdrop switches to.” In this example, the rain will start when the backdrop switches to “woods.”

To hide the rain initially, add a “when the backdrop switches to brickwall” block, and place a “hide” block after it.

Add a show block to the “when backdrop switches to woods” stack so that the rain appears after the character goes through the door. Test this. When the green flag is clicked, there is no rain. After you type “yes,” the character should go through the secret door, and the rain should start.

You may notice that moving the rain changed its size. It may no longer fill the whole screen.You can try changing the size of the sprite with the with the “set size to” block. If that doesn’t work, try copying the sprite by right clicking on it, and clicking “duplicate.”

This example sets the x value to negative 160 in one sprite, and to +160 in the other.

This made it look like the whole screen was raining. This example also moved the y value from 100 to negative 100, making the rain fall from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Try playing with different values until you find what works for your story.

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In this add-on, you'll learn how to use the backpack to add the rain from your day 3 project into this project.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!