Once you've finished the last step, fill out the story.

How did the character find the secret door?

The character can enter two different worlds.

What might happen in each?

If the character goes through the door, will they go on a magical journey?

What lies on the other side of the door?

Adventure, danger, new friends?

What happens if the audience chooses not to go through the door?

Boredom, relief?

Maybe it's more dangerous not to go through the door.

There's a special event block you'll use to start the story in each new setting.

Use the when backdrop switches to event block to tell the story based on where the character goes.

This example shows the cat saying he is bored before discovering the secret door.

And walking whichever direction the audience chooses.

The main character can do whatever you want it to in your story.

Now it's your turn.

Create an introduction for the main character at the brick wall.

Drag out two when backdrop switches to event blocks.

Use each event to program the different parts of your interactive story.


  1. Add a story around the secret door decision.