Great job today creating a story with a special premise.

Premise the starting situation of the characters in the story is a really important part of storytelling.

Great storytellers grab the audiences' attention with their exciting, intriguing, or unique premises.

Today you also use modules and learned about how you can fit different concepts and code box together to create something new and unique.

Computer scientists build on top of code or machines that other people have made all the time.

Storytellers do the same thing when they use plot devices like some of the ones you've used today.

Just like computer scientists using code that has already been written.

Conflicts in stories often mirror common real-life problems.

Computer scientists solve real-life conflicts with the code they build.

Take robots for example.

Robots can be programmed to do almost anything that you or any other computer scientist can think of and they often perform tasks better than a human can.

They can be programmed to block shots from one of the best soccer players in the world.

(whistle blows)

(people gasping)

(whistle blows)

(people laughing)

To create bottled water so inexpensively that it can be given away for free.

It's a business model that pits this bunch of Gen Y's against the big boys of beverages like Coca-Cola Amatil which owns the Mount Franklin and Pump brands.

It was definitely a rollercoaster for the last year that we were pursuing this but now we are starting to see the invincibility.

It is like every single week is getting better and better.

Every bottle that rolls off the production line will be given away, bank-rolled by the advertisers who buy space on the labels.

Being environmentally conscience Gen Y upstarts they've made their bottles from materials they say degrade 100 times faster than regular plastic.

As long as we have the consumers on our side we'll always be appealing to advertisers.

We'll always find a way to get it out to the consumers for free so it's already a question of who is going to let us but rather who is going to stop us.

They can be programmed to quickly create components for cars.

Some robots have even been programmed to help children with autism learn to communicate.

These robots are used in classrooms and allow children a safe and engaging way to practice communication.

With computer science humans have the ability to program computers and robots to solve a wide array of problems that could never be solved before.

Next club you will create a narrated story while learning about broadcasting.

Go for it and tell your story.

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