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6. Add-Ons


Congratulations on coding your story! Check out this activity’s add-on options: In “Lightning Reaction,” program your characters to react to the stormy weather.

In “Drawing and Animating a Lightning Bolt,” draw your own lightning bolt, and program it to strike.

In “Earthquake!” add drama your story by programming the earth to shake.

In “Sun Comes Out,” program a second scene for your story in which the rain stops and the sun shines.

Program some thunder to go with the lightning and rain in “Thunder.”

Make your program draw a rainbow in the background of your project with “Code a Rainbow!”

Click “watch” below to explore the add-ons that interest you! Don’t stop designing and coding. Now is when you get to add your own flair to your project. Create what you want to create.

Choose an Add-On
Lightning Reaction
In this add-on, you’ll program the characters in your story to react when the lightning strikes.
Drawing and Animating a Lightning Bolt
In this add-on, you’ll draw and program a user-controlled lightning bolt that moves from the sky to the ground.
Sun Comes Out
In this add-on, you’ll program a second scene for your rainy day story.
Playing Thunder
In this add-on, you’ll play thunder and rain sounds in your story.
In this add-on, you’ll broadcast an earthquake to really shake up your story.
Code a Rainbow
Draw and program a rainbow to appear in your rainy day story!
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!