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3. Preparing for a Club

Before a club day begins, you should prepare by doing at least these items (Estimated 10 minutes):

  • Review the lesson plan, which serves as your guide for each club. If you have already created a club, access the lesson plan from your dashboard. Use the "Highlight content unique to this day" option to see the content which is new for just this day.
  • View the example project (linked at the top of each day's club plan) to better understand the project that students will build. Day 1 may not have an example project in some themes where the students are simply exploring.
  • View the solution sheet (linked at the top of the club plan) to better understand the code in each step of a project. To better understand what the blocks in each project do, follow the "additional suggested preparation" below, or visit the Scratch wiki.

Additionally, to prepare more completely the following is suggested (Estimated 40 minutes):

  • Go to the student pages for your theme and day. Watch the student videos and build the core project by following the instructions in Scratch. This will prepare you to better understand student difficulties and challenges. If you build the project, show it off to your club as an example during the club's introduction. They love seeing the projects built by their teachers!
  • Watch the add-on introduction video to get a better understanding of what students can build after they've finished their core project. Understanding the add-ons will better enable you to encourage students to challenge themselves. You might even consider building an add-on or two yourself to get the full club experience!
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