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Welcome! I’m Meredith. I work on CS First in Charleston, South Carolina.

In this video, I’ll give you a quick introduction to learning computer science through CS First.

You can create stories, art, animation, websites, and music.

Pretty much anything you can imagine with computer science.

Computer science uses code.

Code is another way of saying “instructions for the computer.”

There are a lot of ways to write code, but to start out, you’ll use Scratch.

Scratch is a great way to learn to code because it lets you play and explore quickly, without having to type a bunch of text.

This is the Scratch project editor. This project has a sprite or character, on a stage.

These code blocks are instructions for this sprite.

In each project, you can add more sprites each with their own code.

You can even add backdrops and sound.

CS First will walk you through how to create your own project.

Just move on to the next video.

Have fun creating and coding.