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5. Les événements dans le monde qui nous entoure


Today you learned about an important computer science concept, events, while you built a project in which paintings talk to the person looking at them.

Looking at art helps people understand the culture of the person who made it. It makes people think. However, art wasn’t always accessible to everyone or easy for large numbers of people to see and experience. Think about famous paintings that hang in museums far away or art installations in foreign countries that you never get to see. Through the internet, computers have helped bring art to more people. The Google Art Project Museum View, for example lets you look at artwork in the Museum of Modern Art from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home... The Google Art Museum uses events just like the ones you learned about today. When the user clicks on an area of the screen, the camera moves to that section. Sharing your project in Scratch makes it possible for other users to experience and enjoy it. But, they might not understand it or see the awesome coding you built if you don’t explain how your project works. Write instructions on the project page for the Scratch community. Tell them which keys to press and anything else they need to know. Next club, you will use the computer to create artwork.

Until then, have fun creating and coding!

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