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1. Présentation du projet Carte


Hi, and welcome to Day 8 of Scratch Art! In today’s activity, you will create a card to give to a friend or family member that tells them about CS First. You could even create a thank you card for your Teacher Host and Gurus in this club!

When creating a new project, artists often think about the best way to communicate their ideas and messages to different people. That’s called “considering your audience.” An audience is a group of people who will see or use a product or piece of art. In this project, the audience is the card’s recipient. The card should have a special message for its audience. Take some time to think about what you found interesting and exciting in CS First, and create a message for your audience based on those experiences. Take a look at this example card that someone might send to the people who helped them learn computer science. How you say the message is just as important as what you say. Think back on all the different projects you created over the last 7 days, like the Animation, Street Art, and Pixelated Art.

Reflect on which types of art you can use in creating your card to share your message effectively. You might even find ways to incorporate multiple types of art into the card! This example was created for an audience that loves computer science, so it uses the “Change Pixelate Effect By 25” block to make the laptop dissolve into a heart.

Here is another example card. This one is for an audience who loves horses. The horse sprite tells the audience about Scratch and computer science by flying onto the screen using “motion” blocks. To get started today, you’ll create a new project. Click the Scratch link next to this video, or go to

Sign in, then click "create."

Now it's your turn to turn this empty canvas into a card.

Name your project "Day 8 Card.” Then: Choose a recipient for your card, such as a parent, friend, Guru, or Host. Craft and code a message for that person about CS First. Create art to enhance your card and show off what you’ve learned in this club. If you run out of ideas, move to the Add-Ons section for some inspiration. Remember to use your creativity. This project will be entirely made up from your ideas, so put your own style into it and have fun coding!

Choisir une extension
C’est la fête !
Faites en sorte que les lutins tournent et changent de couleur.
Maintenant, tu peux me voir
Utilise les blocs "Montrer" et "Cacher" pour faire apparaître et disparaître les lutins dans ton projet.
Lumières de la scène
Changez l'arrière-plan en fonction de la saisie de l'utilisateur.
Apparences aléatoires
Faites apparaître au hasard les éléments artistiques.
Créez une fractale avec de nombreux petits triangles.
Apprenez à créer des spirales.
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  1. Choisis le destinataire de ta carte : un membre de ta famille, un ami, un animateur ou un organisateur.
  2. Rédige et code un message pour cette personne à propos du club.
  3. Crée une œuvre artistique pour agrémenter ta carte et montrer ce que tu as appris dans ce club.