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Hey, my name is KaMar and I am going to tell you about the “New Fabrics” add-on.

In this add-on, you’ll create new costumes to show off your pattern.

The pattern maker creates a pattern that covers the entire stage. Then, a shape cutout is shown over the pattern, allowing the designer to see it on different materials.

To create your costume, you’ll draw a new item, then make parts of it transparent to see the pattern. To start, click the fabric sprite. Then, click “paint new costume.” Paint the entire costume white. Select the “fill” tool and the color white, then click the costume.

Then, draw an object for the pattern to print on.

For example, you could write your first name or the name of your future fashion company.

You could draw clothing or a fashion accessory. You could also add a sprite. Click “add,” Select a sprite for your costume. After you draw or add an object, select the fill tool and the transparent color. The transparent swatch is a white square with a red line through it. Then, click objects where you’d like to see your pattern. For example, on this fashion company name, each letter is filled with the transparent color. Now click the flag, and press the pattern key to test. Awesome! Create as many different items as you’d like to show off your pattern.

Now, it’s your turn! Create a new “fabric” costume.

Fill the canvas with white. Then draw or add a sprite, and fill areas with the transparent color.

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Bienvenue dans mon projet
Programme un lutin pour qu’il présente ton projet.
Sélecteur de couleur
Laisse l'utilisateur choisir la couleur du motif.
Dessine un motif alternant (Défi)
Crée un motif alternant unique.
Bande sonore (Défi)
Ajoute un fond sonore à ton projet.
Nouveaux tissus
Ajoute d'autres tissus à ton créateur de motifs.
Ajoute un titre à ton projet.
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  2. Quand tu as fini, reviens à la page des extensions et essaies-en une autre !