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1. Présentation de l'activité Innovation dans la mode


Hello and welcome to Day 4 of CS First Fashion and Design! In this activity you will imagine a fashion innovation and program an android sprite to describe it to users. As you build this project, you’ll learn about an important computer science concept: conditional statements.

Conditionals run code based on whether or not something is true. An example might be, “If it’s sunny, then wear sunglasses,” or “if my favorite song comes on, then I’m going to dance.” Conditionals are used frequently in computer science. For example, in this style application for a tablet, if the person using the app selects the gray dress, then the character's dress changes to the gray dress. *If* the user of the app selects brown eyes, *then* the model's eyes change to brown. These conditional statements use "If...then" conditions to allow the computer program to react in different ways depending on what the user does. In this example of a virtual mirror, the computer program reflects different tshirts based on the user's selection. *If* the user chooses the gray tshirt and a new tshirt logo, *then* her reflection changes to show her modeling the new shirt. Computer Scientists like you use conditionals, or "If Then", rules like this to instruct computers on how to respond to all the possible different conditions which can occur in the program.

Take a moment now to make sure you are signed in to the cs-first website using the username and password from your passport. If you are *not* signed in, you won’t receive a digital badge for completing this activity, so be sure to sign in!

Now, it's your turn! Click the "Innovation Starter Project" link next to this video.

Click the Remix button, and sign in to Scratch. Return to this tab, and click the green arrow to watch the next video.

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  1. Clique sur le lien "Projet de démarrage Innovation dans la mode".
  2. Clique sur le bouton "Remix".
  3. Connecte-toi à Scratch.