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7. Récapitulatif Caractérisation


In today’s project, you learned an important computer science concept, broadcasting, while you created with an important storytelling concept, characterization!

Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. As new technology has developed, so have new ways of telling stories, from word of mouth and cave paintings, to books, to today’s computers that tell interactive stories.

Modern-day storytellers can use computers to give their audience choices to make animations, to tell stories through dance, and in many other ways.

Years ago I got the idea to combine code and dance to create iLuminate.

I thought, what if you could actually wirelessly control these lights, and actually communicate the lights and the dancer? That would be really cool.

You can access Scratch and tell stories to your friends and family on any computer with internet access. The storytelling never has to end!

Remember to look for ways to use coding in your daily life. Talk to your teachers about building a Scratch report on a topic for class.

Next club day, you will create a story that lets the audience make decisions for your character.

Go forth and tell your story!

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Après avoir regardé cette vidéo, n'oublie pas d’écrire une dédicace à un camarade ou à l’animateur !