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4. Récapitulatif Histoire de ton innovation


The time has come for your CS First story to draw to a close. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey with computer science. As you leave the club, you will take everything you learned with you. You can also log into Scratch from any computer with an internet connection to keep working on the projects you created in CS First or to start brand new ones! Even better, you can log into CS First with the same account and watch the videos for other clubs. Build projects in games, music, art, and more!

Scratch has a large community of other computer scientists and storytellers who are learning and creating just like you. From the Scratch website you can explore and comment on other people’s creations and share your own. Scratch and computer science can also be useful tools for class projects. The next time you’re asked to create a school project, consider using Scratch to create an interactive story, a presentation, or a game.

In High School, you may have the chance to take a computer science course. The challenges you have persevered through and skills you’ve learned in this CS First club have prepared you for these courses. As a veteran CS First club member, you can feel ready for whatever your next step in computer science may be. Computer science is fun, but it’s more fun with friends. Look for opportunities to code with your friends, whether that’s joining another club, taking a class together, or just using Scratch to create a class presentation.

Believe it or not, only 30 years ago, fewer than one person for every ten people owned a computer. Today, computers are everywhere. Nearly every school and workplace relies on computers to function. In CS First, you took an important first step in learning computer science, and the skills you learned in this club, no matter what your path is in life, will be really important. Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished in this club. You did everything from creating a moving setting, to writing an interactive story! Not only did you learn about storytelling, but also you used real computer science to make your own stories. That’s really amazing!

The CS First team would like to thank you and congratulate you on all that you have accomplished in this club. As a computer scientist, you have the power to help create a better future for yourself and the people around you, all because you understand how to use technology. Go forth, and tell your story!

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Félicitations pour avoir accompli ce club CS First ! N'oublie pas d'écrire une dédicace à un camarade ou à l’animateur !