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2. Présentation des extensions


This activity is going to be different from the first three activities in this club. Instead of completing steps in order, you’ll get to skip around and create different parts of your project in any order you choose. Below this video, you will find several elements you can add to your story. Each element is an idea for how you might customize your story.

Be creative and have fun.

In “Escape,” you will give your character a way to get out of the scene!

Learn how to make a conversation between two characters in “Dynamic Dialogue.”

Create a transition that fades in and out to change scenes in your story with “Between the Scenes.”

In “Deus ex Machina,” add a character that resolves the conflict in your story.

End your story with an original animation in “The End.”

“Big Entrance” shows you some ideas for adding another sprite to your story.

You can choose to watch these videos in any order! Do the ones that look the most fun first. Remember, you’re writing your own story, so everything that you add should build upon your current story. Have fun!

Choisir une extension
Programme ton personnage pour qu’il s'échappe de la scène !
Dialogue dynamique
Crée une conversation entre deux personnages de ton histoire.
Entre les scènes
Programme une transition en fondu pour changer la scène dans ton histoire !
Deus Ex Machina
Ajoute un nouveau lutin qui dénoue le conflit et résout la prémisse de l'histoire.
Termine ton histoire par une animation sympa.
Entrée fracassante
Ajoute un autre lutin à ton histoire.
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