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arrow_back Ajouter un autre athlète


In this add-on, you’ll learn how to add another sprite to your sports commentary program.

To make room for another athlete, move the sprites in the program closer together.

If any sprites are still too big for your project, shrink them to make them smaller.

Click on the “shrink” tool in the top bar, then on the sprite. You can also use the “grow” tool to make a sprite bigger.

To add a sprite from the Scratch library to your project, click “choose new sprite from library.” There are two different types of sprites in Scratch: bitmap and vector.

For this add-on, select a vector sprite so you can move, rotate, or reshape it for a routine. Once you’ve selected your sprite, click “OK.”

You'll make the new sprite show off its moves. Give it the same code blocks as the other sprites. To copy code from one sprite to another, click the sprite with the code, then drag the stack on top of the new sprite. Click on the sprite you just selected and you’ll see the copied code. Click the dropdown menu, and select the number 4.

Now, the new sprite also has the code to make it demonstrate its moves when the number 4 is pressed!

Next, click on the sports commentator sprite. Change the “say” block to include all sprites under the “when flag clicked” event. In this example, the text says “Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to see an athlete perform.”

Go to the “costumes” tab to animate your new sprite. Right-click the costume, select duplicate for as many poses as you want, then use the tools in the costume editor to change the look of the costume. To draw your own sprite instead of using one from the library, click “paint new sprite.” Next, click “convert to vector” to draw a vector sprite instead of a bitmap one. Vector sprites are easier to animate than bitmap sprites. Here's the game plan: Add another athlete to your program, either from the Scratch library or by drawing your own. Copy the code to the new sprite.

Customize the different poses in the costume editor.

Choisir une extension
Ajoute de la musique qui sera jouée lorsque les athlètes présentent leurs mouvements.
Présenter tes mouvements
Programme les athlètes pour qu'ils s'animent et se déplacent sur la scène.
Couleurs changeantes
Fais changer de couleur les lutins un peu comme les athlètes qui portent des maillots différents.
Booster la prestation
Programme le commentateur sportif pour qu'il encourage les athlètes.
Complimenter les concurrents
Fais admirer les mouvements de leurs concurrents par les lutins.
Ajouter un autre athlète
Ajouter un autre athlète au projet.
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