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1. Présentation des évènements


Hey Team, welcome to Activity 2 of Google CS First Sports!

Get ready to channel your inner sports anchor voice while programming athletes to do some cool moves.

In this activity, you will build a competition project while you learn about the computer science concept “events.”

An event in computer science is something that makes an action happen.

Events in Scratch start with the word "when," and they're placed at the top of block stacks to make the code start running.

Events in computer science are a lot like events in your life.

For example, when the bell rings at the end of school, you leave school, or go to an after-school club.

The bell ringing is an event.

Your reaction is to leave school or go to an after-school club.

You can also find events in sports.

For example, when a basketball player steps out of bounds, the ball is turned over to the opposite team.

In the games shown, computer scientists like you use events to model those occurrence in a game.

You’ve used events before.

The “when flag clicked” block you used in Activity 1 causes something to happen when the flag is clicked.

In this activity, you’ll use events to make athletes perform while a commentator talks about the performance.

From here on out, every activity you do will offer a couple starter projects with different sports themes to choose from.

Pick the sport you like the most!

The example may not always show the sport you choose, so if the video says to click on the tennis ball sprite but you chose the volleyball starter project, just click the volleyball sprite instead.

For this activity, choose a starter project from these 4 options: cheerleading, dance, karate, or basketball.

Each project includes athletes in different poses.

Click on the starter project link next to this video for the sport you chose.

It will open in another tab.

Select "remix," then sign in to Scratch using the information from your CS First passport.

Next, most starter projects contain more sprites than you need to do the activity, so you get to choose the ones you like.

This project contains several commentator sprites.

Pick one commentator sprite that you want to program and delete the other sprite.

After you open the starter project and choose your sprites, come back to this CS First tab, and click on the "next" arrow to move on to the next video.

Here's the gameplan: First, click a starter project link.

Then, click "remix," and sign in.

Once you finish, return to this tab, and press the "next" arrow to move on to the next video to program the athletes' routines.

Suivant arrow_forward
  1. Ouvre le projet de démarrage.
  2. Remixe le projet.
  3. Connecte-toi à Scratch.
  4. Supprime l'un des lutins Commentateurs.