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7. Publicité pour un gadget sportif Récapitulatif


In this activity, you got a chance to create a cool commercial around your favorite fitness gadget.

This allowed you to express your gadget’s features and why so many people should buy one.

We used Androids used in this project were created from the Androidify website.

One of the really cool things about Scratch is that you can download images from different places (or websites) into your project to personalize it… then you can upload them into your project!

Feel free to try this out in your spare time by adding your own Androids to this project.

You can always get to CS First and Scratch from any computer that has an internet connection, so feel free to do so if you can.

You also learned about modularization.

Computer scientists use modularization to make their code more readable and easier to work with.

Working on a program with other computer scientists, modularization lets others code on the same project without one team’s work affecting the others.

Scratch users like you often use modularization to create programs that other Scratch users can add to.

For example, in this project, each dancer was added by a different Scratch user.

You can find lots of “studios” by typing “add studio” into the search bar, and seeing what comes up.

LittleBits are small electronic modules that can snap together to form awesome things.

As we're growing up, we're usually taught that there's a very distinct separation between fields.

Design, Art, Engineering, Business and sometimes you may not know what you want to do.

Or sometimes you want to do all of them.

I am Ayah Bdeir, I'm the founder and CEO of Little Bits. I'm an engineer and interactive artist.

We are at Little Bits headquarters in New York City.

Where we are designing electronic building blocks for everybody to be able to invent with.

We have to show you that small things can make very big things happen.

There is a very distinct moment where you snap them and you realize that was all you.

And it's magical, and suddenly a world opens up to you.

And these ideas start rushing into your head.

Watch how Reggie Watts uses the LittleBits modules to create a cool synthesizer in this video.

Today’s activity was pretty challenging, and you probably had to try a few times to get your code to work. That's OK!

Michael Jordan, a champion among champions, certainly knows a bit about working through challenges.

Jordan’s basketball career with the Chicago Bulls was the epitome of performance.

He won 6 NBA titles, gold medals in the Olympics, scoring titles, steals titles, MVP awards, and played an epic playoff game scoring 38 points even though he was dehydrated and had a stomach virus.

Jordan never stopped working hard and he said “I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Computer scientists, programmers, and everyone, including MJ, have to fail in order to achieve success, so keep pushing yourself and persevering every day.

See you next time.

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