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7. Riepilogo Gioco del lancio


Today you programmed a launcher game that used variables and cloning. By now you may have noticed that with some basic computer science knowledge, you can create a wide variety of projects to accomplish many different tasks. Take a look at how Environment Scientists use computer science. Biologists study living organisms. When biologists working on the Human Genome Project wanted to sequence the human genome, they used computer science and coding to accomplish this task. Environmental scientists use computer science to help monitor our forests, oceans, and rivers. In healthcare, computer science is used for everything from evaluating MRI scans to effectively collecting and storing patient data.

Fashion Designers use computer science and technology to help design clothing Computer science is all around you. While some computer scientists program video games or software for a living, others are using computer science to make a difference in their fields.

Until next time-- have fun creating and coding. See ya next time!

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