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In this add-on, you will program an audience for your fashion show that will appear at the end, and celebrate! First, you will need a crowd image. To obtain one, download it from the "images" link or copy it to your backpack from the "Additional Images Project" link on the add-on page. To learn how to add images to your Scratch project, watch the "Upload Images" video by clicking on its link on the add-on page.

You may need to use the shrink tool on Scratch to make the new image fit on your screen.

Next, program the sprite to “cheer” or “jump.” Drag the audience sprite to the bottom of the stage where it would start the jump. Then, drag out a “glide” block.

Next, drag the crowd to another space on your stage. Try moving it a bit higher and a little to the right or left. Your crowd should now glide from one x and y coordinate to another every second. Test this out! Cool. Place a forever loop around this code stack to repeat this action. Test it. If your animation is too slow, tinker with the seconds value in the "glide" blocks to make the crowd jump quicker... like 0.3 Make the audience start jumping when your designer enters the stage by receiving a broadcasted a message. The model sprite’s code already has a “broadcast” block at the end of it’s code stack. In this example, the broadcast block sends the message "enter stage".

On your crowd sprite, add a “when I receive” block to the top of your code to make the audience jump when they receive the broadcasted message from the model.

As an added challenge, use “hide” and “show” blocks to program the audience to hide when the green flag is clicked and to show when it receives the message “celebrate.”

Also, try coding your model sprites to do a little celebration of their own when they receive the “Enter Stage” message. Remember to use the “when I receive” block to prompt the code to start when you want it to. Write instructions for how to use your project, and show appreciation for anyone who helped you create it on the Project Page.

Now it’s your turn! Download the “crowd” sprite from the CS First image library. Then, program your crowd to jump using the forever loop and two glide blocks. Lastly, and a “when I receive” event to make your crowd cheer when the designer sprite enters the stage. Ask your neighbor if you need any help, or put up your sticky note to get the attention of your CS First Guru.

Scegli un’estensione
La modella stilosa
Programma un'apertura del sipario per la premiazione.
Conversazione tra modelle
Crea un elenco che i tuoi sprite useranno ogni volta che faranno il loro ingresso sul palco.
Sagome saltellanti
Programma un pubblico che compaia al termine della sfilata per festeggiare!
Il trofeo animato (Sfida)
Programma il tuo trofeo in modo che si animi durante il programma.
Applausi e musica (Sfida)
Aggiungi un loop musicale o un applauso al tuo programma.
Lo sfondo luccicante (Sfida)
Fai lampeggiare il tuo sfondo!
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  1. Fai clic su qualsiasi casella per andare sul video dei componenti aggiuntivi.
  2. Quando hai terminato, torna sulla schermata dei componenti aggiuntivi e prova un altro componente aggiuntivo!