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6. Riepilogo Sfilata di moda


Congratulations on creating a fashion walk project today! I hope you had a great time and created something fun. Don't worry if you did not have enough time to finish everything you wanted to do. Remember, you can log in to Scratch anytime using your username and password to create code from any computer with an internet connection.

In today's project, you learned a very important computer science concept called "iteration" or "loops." Iteration is the process of repeating a set of computer instructions over and over again. In creating the fashion walk, you used a “forever” block to instruct the computer to make the sprite switch costumes, walk onto the stage, pause, and walk off the stage repeatedly.

Computer science is great for automating repetitive tasks, and computer scientists frequently use loops or iteration to do repetitive tasks. In the first video today, you saw how computer science can be used to change a sprite’s appearance or clothing style, but the fashion industry uses technology in many other ways, too! For example, in the field of wearable technology, computer science is used to make shoes that track steps, clothing that tracks body temperature, sleep patterns, speed, and heart rate. When an athlete exercises, the clothing’s computer code runs a forever loop that instructs a sensor to repeatedly check and record his or her heart rate. Computer scientists, like you, use forever loops, or iteration, in their daily jobs as they create awesome new software and inventions that impact the lives of millions. In the next club, you will build a Stylist Tool that can be used to accessorize a character or room. In this example, the Stylist tool shows a girl with accessories that can be placed, but you'll be able to customize your tool with the accessories you want. Remember to give your Gurus or neighbors a shoutout. Until next time, have fun creating and coding.

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