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1. Remixa il progetto di partenza


Hello and welcome to day 3 of CS First Fashion and Design. In this activity you will create a tool to accessorize a character. As you build this project, you will learn about the important computer science concept "events."

Events trigger code to run. For example, to move a character in a program to the left, you would use a “left arrow” event. When the left arrow is pressed, the code under the event, in this case “change x by -10,” is run.

Today, you’ll code your project to change the sprite’s accessory every time the user presses the right-arrow key.

Fashion and interior designers need to imagine how choices in accessories, colors, patterns, and styles will affect the overall look of an outfit or a room. It can be difficult to accurately imagine how a particular pattern will look with another pattern, or how one accessory will look when matched with a second. One way to envision these choices is to combine photos or material swatches on an inspiration board, like you see here. Inspiration boards help stylists picture how different patterns, colors, and objects fit together.

This activity has four starter projects to choose from. Each contains different backdrops and accessories. This example uses the People Starter Project, but select the one you like best. After you program the stylist tool, you'll have an opportunity in the add-ons to change the images used to whatever you prefer.

After watching this video, open the starter project by clicking the starter project link on this page. Click remix, and sign in using the information in your CS First club passport.

Take a moment now to make sure you are signed in to the cs-first website using the username and password from your passport. If you are *not* signed in, you won’t receive a digital badge for completing this activity, so be sure to sign in!

Now, it's your turn: Choose a starter project.

Click the Remix button, and Sign In to Scratch.

Then, return to this page on the CS First tab, and click the green “next” arrow to move on to the next video.

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  1. Seleziona un progetto di partenza.
  2. Esegui il remix del progetto
  3. Effettua l'accesso a Scratch.