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2. Suggerimenti per la storia


In this video, you will learn about the Scratch programming language and program a sprite to talk about one of the following fashion story starters: “My personal style is…” “To put together an outfit, first you…” and “If I could dress *any* way I wanted, I would…” This starter project contains three sprites: an android, an object, and a thought bubble sprite. In this video, you will use only the android sprite, so all the code you write for this activity will be part of the Android. Click on the android sprite.

The code blocks in the palette control what the android sprite does. To see what a block does, just click it. To select a block to use in your program, click and drag it into the scripts area. Drag a “say” block into the scripts area.

Many blocks have values that you can change by clicking on them and typing.

Type the fashion story starter you chose into the “say” block.

This example uses, "If I could dress any way I wanted, I would..." but you should use the option you like best. Click the “say” block to try it out.

Great! It worked. The sprite in this example says "If I could dress *any* way I wanted, I would..." Now that you have a code block in your program, make it run with a play button. In Scratch, the flag can be programmed to run your code.

Click events, and snap a “when flag clicked” block above the “say” block.

Blocks that are connected together are called a block stack. In a block stack, each block runs in order from top to bottom.

The computer “reads” the instructions you create to make sprites perform specific actions in your program. When a computer scientist tells a computer to read and carry out instructions, it is called “running” the code.

This block stack reads, “when flag clicked, say “If I could dress any way I wanted, I would…” Click the flag to run it. Awesome!

If you get stuck, your neighbor or your Guru might be able to help you find a solution.

Go ahead and ask them! Now, it’s your turn: Select the Android sprite, the looks menu, and drag out a “say” block.

Type a fashion story starter into the block. Select the events menu and add a “when flag clicked” block.

Once you’ve completed this step, click the green arrow below this video to move on, and program the rest of your fashion statement.

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  1. Scegli un suggerimento per una storia.
  2. Seleziona lo sprite Android e il menù Aspetto e trascina un blocco "Dire" nell'editor degli script.
  3. Digita uno dei suggerimenti delle storie di moda nel blocco.
  4. Aggiungi un blocco “Quando si clicca sulla bandiera” dal menù Situazioni per avviare il programma.