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6. Riepilogo Telecronaca sportiva


In this activity, you used events to create a performance competition with commentary.

Events are a powerful tool for starting and triggering actions in computers, phones, robots, and many more. These events can be found in other areas too.

Limor Fried, the owner of the online hobby electronics store AdaFruit, talks about one cool way people are using events in computer science. They can make objects react to events as a way to express themselves. Check out this clip!

People are happiest when they're really creative, when they're making stuff with their hands, when they get to see what they make.

When you're an engineer or a maker, everything around you is just materials-- something that you can use as part of your art form.

It's not fun to code just for coding's sake.

There has to be something at the end that is so cool that the effort you put into it makes it worthwhile.

So instead of just having a teddy bear, now you have a teddy bear that tweets when you squeeze it.

Or my shoes light up when dance.

Or I have a jacket that will lead me home no matter when I am.

What I see a lot is kids who will take a project like we did, a light-up sparkle skirt, and they'll take that code and adapt it to their prom dress.

So now they have a prom dress that reacts to the music that's playing, that matches their hair or their earrings, that sparkles with designs, and that's something that they've made.

You can't buy that. You have to build it.

Now that you know some programming, you can use computers and events to express yourself too!

Next session, you will create a sweet Net Sports game with a player you can control.

While you’re waiting for others to finish the wrap-up, take a moment to write a shout-out to a friend, a teammate, or one of the club leaders who helped you do this activity.

As you wrap up this activity, think about these words from super-star basketball player, Lisa Leslie. She was the three-time MVP of the Women’s National Basketball Association and a four-time Olympic Gold Medal winner. She famously remarked: "Goal setting and achieving those goals, that's just what I do.” No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life or in computer science, setting goals is a powerful and effective way to get results and achieve great things. With this in mind, see you next time!

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