Activity 1: Fashion Story

In this first activity, club members learn about the scope and procedures of the club, then create a fashion story in Scratch.

Activity 2: Fashion Walk

Club members will create a fashion show using loops and "motion" blocks. By the end of the activity, members will understand the similarities and differences between the "forever" and "repeat 10 times" blocks, as well as the "go to" and "glide" blocks.

Activity 3: Ultimate Stylist

In this activity, club members will make a program that allows users to select a set of fashion accessories to place on an image. Club members will learn how to use computer science events in their project.

Activity 4: Fashion Innovation

In this activity, club members will choose a fashion model, imagine a technology innovation as part of the model's outfit, and create a program that describes the innovation to the user as they click on the outfit. Club members will learn about the computer science concept "conditionals" while they create this program.

Activity 5: Fashion Poll

In this activity, members will create an interactive project in which users can vote on their favorite sprite.

Activity 6: Window Shopper

In this activity, club members will build a window display that changes when a user interacts with it.

Activity 7: Pattern Maker

In this activity, members will design their own pattern while they learn how procedures are used in computer science.

Activity 8: Fashion Awards

In this activity, club members build a project that reflects on all that they've learned and accomplished in CS First Fashion and Design.