Activity 1: Explore

In this first activity, clubs members learn about the scope and procedures of the club, then create a project where the sprite does something unexpected.

Activity 2: Profile Page

Club members build a profile page that uses variables to store information.

Activity 3: Depict and Deduce

Club members build a "Depict and Deduce" social media game while learning about conditionals.

Activity 4: Pictogram

Club members create a program that uses filters to edit and alter images.

Activity 5: Best Quiz Ever

Club members create a social media-type quiz called "The Best Quiz Ever" while learning about the computer science concept: operators.

Activity 6: Style Board

Club members create a style board program while learning about the computer science concept: events.

Activity 7: Viral Video

Club members build their own viral video animation using Scratch.

Activity 8: Time Lapse

Club members build a Time Lapse project to reflect on everything they've done in CS First Social Media.