Activity 1: Victory Celebration

In this first activity, club members learn about the scope and procedures of the club, then create a victory celebration in Scratch.

Activity 2: Sports Commentary

Club members will create a dance, cheerleading, karate, or basketball performance competition. They will write the commentary for each of the competitors and learn about the computer science concept events.

Activity 3: Net Sports

In this activity, members will create a fun and exciting net sports game, with a bouncing ball and an athlete.

Activity 4: Fitness Gadget Commercial

In this activity, club members will create a commercial around one of four fitness gadgets: wristwear, eyewear, headwear, and footwear.

Activity 5: All-Star Passing Drill

Club members will build an All-Star Passing Drill in which they try to aim at moving receivers. In the process, they'll learn how computers can react to what's going on through the computer science concept called "sensing."

Activity 6: Batter Up

Club members will build a home-run-derby-style baseball game while they learn about the computer science concept "variables."

Activity 7: Extreme Sports

Club members will build an extreme sports game in which a racer navigates an obstacle course for as long as possible while they learn about the concept of loops.

Activity 8: Post-Game Interview

In the last club activity of CS First Sports, club members will build a project in which they get interviewed about what they did and learned in this club.