Activity 1: Introduction and Explore

CS First Friends club members build individual projects, but they build each one for or about a "friend" in the club. Club members are encouraged to sign up with a friend, but they can also sign up alone. In this first activity, clubs members learn about the scope and procedures of the club, then create a project that talks about their friendship.

Activity 2: Two Truths & A Lie

In this activity, club members create a game in which they tell two truths and a lie about themselves. Then, they let their friend guess which statement is the lie. In the process, club members learn about conditionals.

Activity 3: Imaginator

Club members build a program that imagines the future. When finished, club members play each other's games to guess their future!

Activity 4: Our Story

Club members create a story about how they met their friend while they learn about sequencing code.

Activity 5: Texting Story

In this activity, club members imagine a text message conversation that they might have with a friend in the future.

Activity 6: Work Together to Win

Club members each build a cooperative video game that requires two people to play. After they build the game, club members get to play it with a friend.

Activity 7: Create a Company

Club members brainstorm an idea for a company with their friend. Then, they each create a different advertisement for that company. Club members are encouraged to collaborate in their passports at the beginning of the club. Limit the brainstorming and collaboration part of the club to about 5 minutes. Once club members have an idea, they should return to their individual computers and start coding an advertisement project! If a club member does not have a partner for this activity, he or she is welcome to create a group of 3. Each club member should still create his or her own Scratch project about the company.

Activity 8: Scrapbook

Club members build a project to reflect on what they've learned and accomplished in CS First Friends. Encourage club members to reflect on ways they have built friendships in this club. Club members do not need a partner to complete this project.