Imagine a Conversation

Friends - Texting Story (Activity 5)

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Remix the starter project. Then, come up with a story idea:

  • Imagine telling your friend some good news
  • Imagine asking for some advice
  • Imagine congratulating your friend on a success


  1. Click on the starter project on this page.
  2. Click Remix, and name the project.
  3. Choose a story starter or come up with your own story idea.
  4. Return to this page, and click the green arrow.


  • "Happy Go Lucky" by Scott Holmes ( -- Licensed by CC BY 4.0 (
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  • "Albany Houses.jpg" by UpstateNYer ( -- Licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0 (
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  • "9TH Drew Storen and Wilson Ramos.jpg" by MissChatter ( -- Licensed by CC BY 2.0 (

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