About setting up a CS First class

There are two ways to lead the Animate a Name activity.
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Set up a CS First class


  • Save and track student progress
  • Students save their projects with provided CS First and Scratch accounts

Recommended for users who:

  • Have an existing Google account
  • Are preparing in advance of the activity
  • Have more than 10 students

When students sign in, tell them to visit g.co/csfirst/go.

To start, sign in with your Google account:

Sign in with Google


Head straight to the activity


  • Get started immediately

Recommended for users who:

  • Don't have an existing Google account
  • Are unable to prepare in advance

To direct students straight to the activity, tell them to visit g.co/csfirst/nysdname. They'll need to create their own Scratch accounts in order to save their work, unless you have a NYSD kit which included pre-generated accounts.

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