All-Star Passing Drill Add-ons

Sports - All-Star Passing Drill (Activity 5)

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Learn about the add-ons for this project that you can use to customize your all-star passing drill. 


  1. Watch the introductory video.
  2. Scroll down to see the add-on choices.
  3. Select an add-on and start creating!
  4. Choose another add-on, and continue building.

Never Ending Game

Make the receivers disappear and regenerate each time you pass to them.

Passing Back

The ball will always bounce back to the starting position.

Power/Receiver Speed

Add realistic variables with sliders that control the speed of the ball and the receiver sprites.

Keep Score

Count how many passes you complete.

Point & Pass

Change the appearance of the ball sprite.


Add some dialogue to the receivers.


Scroll down to view add-ons!


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