Fashion Poll Add-Ons

Fashion & Design - Fashion Poll (Activity 5)

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Customize your Fashion Survey project with some fun add-ons.


  1. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to customize your project.
  2. When you finish, come back to the add-ons screen and try another add-on!

Spinning Celebration

Program a sprite to spin and change color when a user clicks on it.

Shout it Out

Program the sprites to react when a particular sprite is selected.

Shrinking Sprite

Make one of the sprites shrink if the mouse touches it.

Secret Votes (Challenge)

Make the vote count for each sprite secret.

Pick Me (Challenge)

Make a sprite demand to be picked whenever the mouse-pointer touches it.

Extra Cool Factor (Challenge)

Program sunglasses to fall from the sky onto your favorite sprite's face.


Scroll down to view add-ons!


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