Reflection Project Add-Ons

Storytelling - Your Innovation Story (Activity 8)

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1. Choose an add-on and create!


  • The song “Venture Out” is © SmartSound-- CC-BY-SA 4.0 does not apply.

Scene Change

Change the setting of your pitch for each part of the story.

Innovation Redesign

Customize the costume of your sprite to better match your vision.


Add a fireworks sprite to your backpack, then add it to your program, and decide when to run its code.

Protect Your Idea

Ask the audience to agree to not share any of the ideas in your story with other people.

Building Volume

Add a song to your story and control its volume based on which part of the story is being told.

Add Interactivity

Make the end of your pitch interactive by asking the audience a question and responding accordingly.


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