Style Board Add-Ons

Social Media - Style Board (Activity 6)

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Customize your Style Board with add-ons.


  1. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. After you finish, come back to the Add-Ons page and try another one!

Color Change

Program your style board to allow the user to change the color of each category item.

Suggest Button

Program a feature that auto-suggests a costume for your style board.

Descriptive Objects

Program your images on screen to give an overview or description when the mouse hovers over them.

Surprise Features

Code a unique and unexpected action

Last Minute Costume Change

Code your project to allow the user to make a last minute change to the style board

Sprite Shares

Program your style board to have a sprite appear on stage and talk about your program.


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