Print Materials

CS First clubs can be run without any printed materials, since all of the materials are available online. However, most clubs use some printed materials to add to the club experience. This page describes all the materials that may be available at your club.

Materials for Students

G+ Community Board

G+ Community Board

The G+ board should be hung in a visible location at the front of the club room. During the wrap up period, club members are asked to post words of thanks or encouragement, called a “shout-out,” to a club member who helped them. Students write a shout-out on their sticky note and place the sticky beneath the Community Board. The guru reads a few of the shout-outs aloud to the club at the end of the day and shout-outs can be placed into the student passports for students to keep.

CS First Passport and Badges

CS First Passport

The CS First Passport is a small booklet which students can take home on the last day of their CS First club. Each curriculum has a distinct passport booklet and each student should be given a blank booklet on the first day of the club.

CS First Passport

On the first day of club, club members will visit the unique url found on the guru's club dashboard to view a page which will generate the student's club username and password. Club members should write down their Username and Password on the Club Pass page of the passport and fill in the About Me section to help you get to know the club member.

CS First Passport

On the first day of the club, club members should write their name on the back of the passport so passports can be correctly distributed each day. The passports can also be stood on the desk as name tents to help gurus learn the names of each student.

CS First Passport

Each club day is represented by a page in the passport. At the end of the day, when club members are following the Wrap Up steps on the CS First site, gurus use the page of Badges to award a badge to each of the students in the club. Each club member receives a badge to add to the appropriate day as a completion for that day.

CS First Passport

Some club themes, like music, have a Badge Day where you give a student a badge for each activity they complete during the day.



Gurus distribute certificates on the final club day. Use the roster you filled out on day 1 to complete and sign the certificates prior to day 8.

Materials for Club Gurus and Hosts

Marketing Flyer

marketing flyer
Post marketing flyers around school to help recruit students for your club.

Club Roster

club roster

Gurus and Hosts use the club roster to record student usernames and passwords on the first day of club. Club members create their usernames and passwords on the CS First website.

Club Plans

club plan

The CS First website contains Club Plans which provide detailed step by step instructions for each club day and scripts that can be used during the club. Most clubs also provide printed versions of the Club Plans for each day. Most gurus use these printed club plans extensively during the club, often reading the scripts directly from them.

Solution Sheets

solution code

Solution Sheets provide Gurus and Hosts with example solutions for each project. Use these as a reference while helping club members who might be having difficulty with the day’s project.

Contingency Plans

contingency plans

Contingency plans provide alternative activities that can be completed without a computer. Use these in the event a technical problem prevents a club from running as planned.