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Animations often use sound effects and music to add excitement to a story.

In this add-on, you’ll add a sound loop to your story.

To start, click the stage.

You can add code to the stage, just like you can to a sprite.

Click on the sounds tab.

This starter project already includes many sounds.

Select a few, and listen to them using the play button.

To explore the other sounds in Scratch, click the “choose sound from library” button then OK to select one.

Once you’ve found a sound, remember its name because you’ll need it to program it to play.

Next, program the sound to play. Click the scripts tab and the sounds menu.

Drag out the “play sound until done” block.

Click the dropdown, and select the name of the sound you chose.

Click this block to run it. Great.

To make the sound play repeatedly, or in a loop, add a “forever” block.

To make the sound play at the start of your story, add a “when flag clicked” block.

Click the flag to test it out. Awesome!

If your sound isn’t playing correctly, check that you selected the “play sound until done” block, not the “play sound” block.

Now, it’s your turn: Click the stage and the sounds tab, and select a sound.

Play the sound using a "play sound until done" block, a forever loop, and a "when flag clicked" block.

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