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In this add-on, you’ll create your own video game character using the bitmap paint editor.

Bitmap images are made up of tiny squares of color, called “pixels.” Today’s computer monitors and television screens have millions of pixels. However, the displays on early video game consoles only had a few thousand pixels, so the characters in early games looked very pixelated and simple.

Even though technology has improved drastically, the pixelated look is still used in games today, because the style is so widely associated with classic, fun games.

To start, go to the costumes tab, and click “paint new sprite.” Click the plus sign 4 times to zoom in on your paint editor until you see each pixel.

Select the “brush” tool, and set it to the smallest possible size. Click and drag the brush to draw a character. Notice that the brush strokes stay on a grid -- this is the secret to achieving that pixelated look.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Just press the “undo” button.

Use the ellipse and rectangle tools to quickly draw shapes. Set the outline to the thinnest setting, click and drag to create the shape, then click outside the box to lock it in.

Use the brush tool to add details and features. Click and drag to create curves and lines, or click to paint pixels individually for more precision.

To fill in an area with color, click the “fill with color” tool, select a color, then click the area to fill it. To add shading, select a slightly darker shade of color than the fill color, and print around one edge.

On the stage, the character may look really small. To fix this, click the “grow” tool, then click the sprite a few times until it’s the right size for your project.

There’s no limit to what you can create with these simple tools. Have fun designing and creating your character! Now, it’s your turn!

Go to the “costumes” tab, then click “paint new costume.” Zoom all the way in.

Use the editing tools to create your character. Use the “grow” tool to make the character larger on the stage.

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Bitmap-Figuren erstellen
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