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In this add-on, you'll add sounds to your story.

You can add sound to many places in your project. You might add a long musical loop that plays repeatedly during your entire story. You could add sounds that play occasionally throughout your story. Or, you can even write your own music. This video will show you how to get started adding any type of sound. Click on the Character sprite and the Sounds tab.

Click the play button to listen to a sound. The starter project comes with several sounds you can use, but you can also add a sound from the Scratch sound library, upload a sound from your computer, or even record your own voice or sound if your computer has a microphone. Most laptops have a microphone.

This example will add the dog1 sound from the Scratch library, but you will use sounds that are right for your story. Once a sound is listed in the sounds tab, you can use it in the “play sound” blocks. On the Scripts tab, under the sound menu, Dog1 now shows in the “play sound” block.

The "play sound" and "play sound until done" blocks have similar names, but they have one important difference. The "play sound" block starts playing a sound, then moves on to run the next block. The "play sound until done" block waits until the sound plays completely before it moves on to the next block.

This example uses two "play sound" blocks, so the “dog” and “meow” sounds play almost at the same time. The dog sound starts to play, and the meow sound starts before the dog sound finishes. If a "play sound until done" block is used, the dog sound plays through until the end, then the meow plays.

Add “play sound blocks” to your story where you’d like the sound to play.

To make a sound or sounds play repeatedly forever when the flag is clicked, add a "play sound until done" block inside a forever loop under a "when flag clicked" block.

Or, use "play note" and "set instrument" blocks to write your very own song.

There are many ways to use sound to make your project more creative and engaging.

Have fun exploring and adding sounds or music to your story.

Now, it's your turn. Use sound blocks like "play sound," play sound until done," and "play note" to make your project more creative.

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