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To bring stories to life, animators often create or animate more than one object in a scene.

In this video, you will add an object to your story to make it lively and create more action.

To get started, choose a sprite to add to your project.

Move the sprite to where you want it to start. Select the motion menu, then click, hold, and drag out a “go-to x y” block. This block makes the sprite appear in a specific location on the stage. Next, drag the sprite to where you want it to go. Then add a “glide” block to your code. This block tells the sprite to glide for 1 second to the X and Y coordinates that correspond to that specific spot on the stage.

Reduce the value in the "seconds" field to make the sprite move faster, or increase the value to make the sprite move slower. Add as many “glide” blocks as you like to your sprite. Maybe it goes to a tree, then glides off stage.

Maybe your sprite floats into the sky, then disappears.

It’s all up to you. Consider adding “wait” blocks to make your sprite stay in one position for a few seconds before it glides to the next location.

Once you are happy with your sprite’s movement, place a “forever” loop around it. That way, it continues moving around the scene. Finally, make this animation happen at the beginning of your program. Add a “When flag clicked” event block from the Events menu. Feel free to add more sprites and objects to your story to bring it to life, and copy the code over to those sprites. You may need to get creative and test many times to make your program work the way you want it to.

Now, it’s your turn! Add an object related to your story.

Use the “go to,” “glide” and “wait” blocks to move and animate your object.

Add a “forever loop” to repeat this animation, and a “when flag clicked” event to start this animation at the beginning of your program.

Then, return to this page to select another video to try.

Choose an Add-On
Start here
Continue the Conversation
Add code to both character sprites to continue their conversation.
Code a Color Change
Make the object change colors.
Add Mystery with a Pulsing Object
Make the object grow and shrink repeatedly to look like a pulse.
Add Sounds to Your Story
Add sound to the story when the characters discover the unusual object.
Make Your Object Bounce
Code the object to bounce around the screen.
Paint Your Own Animation
Use the costume editor in Scratch to customize an animation.
Animate a Story Title
Build a title card for the project and animate it before the story begins.
Let the Audience Decide
Ask the audience a question and make something happen based on the response.
Add an Object
Add another object to the story to create more action.

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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open an 'adventure' project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos below.
  1. Visit the Hour of Code teacher resource page for instructions.