In this video, you will add sound to your story.

Music and sound effects can express how your characters feel when they find the unusual object.

To do this, you will add code to the backdrop of your story.

Select it, and click the sounds tab.

You can add sounds to your project by adding more sounds from the library, recording your own audio, adding a surprise or random sound, or uploading an audio file from your computer.

You can also use effects to change your sound, like Robot or Reverse.

There are different categories of sounds.

Select the Loops category to hear the different options.

Choose music that matches how your characters feel in your story.

Are they afraid?



Use upbeat music for a cheerful or funny story.

Or, choose dramatic music for a thrilling or serious one.

When you find a sound you like, click it.

Next, click the Code tab, then the Sound menu.

The "start sound" and "play sound until done" blocks have similar names, but they have one important difference.

The "start sound" block starts playing a sound, then moves on to run the next block in your code.

The "play sound until done" block plays the sound completely before it moves on to the next block.

Click, hold, and drag out a “play sound until done” block.

Change the drop down to the sound that you selected.

Since the music should play continuously during your story, select a “forever” loop from the control menu, and place it around your “play sound until done” block.

To make the background music start at the beginning of your story, add a “when flag clicked” event to the top of the code stack.

Click the flag to test.

The music plays!

You can also add a sound effect to your project.

If you have programmed an animation for your object, you can enhance this animation with sound to make the object in your story even more surprising, mysterious, or funny.

Click the object sprite, then the sounds tab.

Does the animation make your audience want to laugh?

Try a silly sound.

Or does it scare or startle people?

In this case, you might add a sharp or scary sound.

After you choose a sound, click back to the code tab, and add a “start sound” block to your animation code.

Click the drop down to choose the sound you selected.

Test it out!

Explore the sound editing tools in Scratch to enhance your music… and your story.

Now, it's your turn.

Select the backdrop and find sounds or music for your story.

Add background music to your story using the “play sound until done,” “forever,” and “when flag clicked” blocks.

If you animated your object, select a sound effect that fits the mood of your story.

Add a “start sound” block.

Then, return to this page to select another video to try.

Choose an Add-On

Start here
Continue the Conversation

Add code to both character sprites to continue their conversation.

Code a Color Change

Make the object change colors.

Add Mystery with a Pulsing Object

Make the object grow and shrink repeatedly to look like a pulse.

Add Sounds to Your Story

Add sound to the story when the characters discover the unusual object.

Make Your Object Bounce

Code the object to bounce around the screen.

Paint Your Own Animation

Use the costume editor to customize an animation.

Animate a Story Title

Build a title card for the project and animate it before the story begins.

Let the Audience Decide

Ask the audience a question and make something happen based on the response.

Add an Object

Add another object to the story to create more action.


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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open an 'adventure' project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos below.


  1. Visit the Hour of Code teacher resource page for instructions.