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Ready to make your own music?

In this video, create a beat for your project.

Adding rhythm to your animation will grab people’s attention and make it look like the letters in your project are responding to the beat.

To start, add a new sprite to your project.

Scroll through the library of available sprites until you find the letter you need.

Click on the sprite to add it to your project.

This example uses the letter “A,” but you will add a sprite for the name you are animating.

V3.0: Click on the “extensions” menu.

V2.0: Click the sound menu.

V3.0 Then, select music.

This adds a variety of “music” blocks to Scratch for you to use in your project.From the “music” menu, click, hold, and drag out a “play drum” block.

V2.0: Click, hold and drag out a “play drum” block.

Click the block to see what it does.

It makes a drum sound!

Next, drag out another “play drum” block.

Don’t connect the two blocks.

Select “bass drum” from the dropdown.

Click the block.

A different drum beat plays.

Click one block, then the other.

You’re creating your own beat!

To pause between your two drum beats, click the “control” menu.

Drag out a “wait” block, and snap it to the bottom of the first “play drum” block.

Then, snap the second “play drum” block to the bottom of the stack.

Click the block stack to test.

The two different drum beats play with a pause in between.

To change the tempo of your beat, adjust the value in the "wait" block.

A smaller value creates a shorter pause, while a larger value lengthens the time between the beats.

To change your beat, select different drum sounds from the dropdown menus in the “play drum" blocks.

To change how many beats each sound lasts, and adjust the values.

To make your drum beat play when the sprite is clicked, go to the “events” menu, and drag out a “when this sprite clicked” event.

Snap it to the top of your block stack.

Click the sprite.

The drum beat plays!

Now, it’s your turn: Add a new sprite to your project.

Add a “play drum” block.

Add a second “play drum” block, and change the dropdown.

Add a “wait” block.

Adjust the values in all three blocks.

And add a “when this sprite clicked” event.

Once you finish these steps, return to this page to select another video.

Choose an Add-On
Change Color
Change the color of a letter when it’s clicked.
Grow and Shrink
Change the size of a sprite when it’s clicked and add a sound to match the animation.
Draw a Letter
Draw your own letter and make it move.
Add a letter and rotate it when it’s clicked.
Move the sprite up and down and add a sound as it bounces
Create and change to different costumes.
Bounce Everywhere
Move the sprite all around the stage, then make it return to a specific point.
New Backdrop
Switch to a different backdrop by clicking the letter or sprite.
Say Something
Make the letters talk to each other when the green flag is clicked.
Sprite Dance
Make a sprite dance when the sprite is clicked.
Add Background Music
When you click a sprite, play a song and change the background
Play a Beat
Play a drum beat when the sprite is clicked.
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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the Starter Project below.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos to customize your project.