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In this add on you will create a slow motion effect for your Android.

To start, drag out a stamp block and a clear block from the pen menu.

The stamp block makes an image of the sprite and prints it at the sprite's current position.

Add this block inside the repeat loop under the define animate action block.

Test this.

That's a cool effect.

Each time the sprite animates, it stamps an image of itself on the stage.

To clear the stage between the animations, add a clear block after the repeat loop.

Test that out.

Neat, this creates a slow motion effect for each animation.

When you click the flag again, the stamps remain on the stage.

To remove the previous stamps, add a clear block under the one flagged clicked block for the Android's animations.

Consider adding change effect blocks inside the repeat loop.

And a clear graphic effects block after the repeat loop to make cool and interesting effects.

This is what the ghost effect looks like.

Tinker and make the animation your own.

Now it's your turn.

Create a slow motion effect using stamp, clear, and repeat blocks.

Explore different blocks to make your animation even more creative.

Choose an Add-On
Sunrise, Sunset
Program a sunrise or sunset for your story.
Program objects to fall from the sky.
Music Fade
Add background music which fades in and out.
Slow Motion
Add a slow motion effect to your android.
Use the drawing tools to add your own animation.
User Input
Interact with the user of your program.
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