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In this add-on, you'll add a sunrise or sunset to your story.

To start, click on the stage.

If you decide to change your backdrop, note that this add-on works best on backdrops that appear to be outside.

Next, drag out a change color effect block.

Select brightness from the drop down menu.

Great. If you click on the block, the stage gets brighter.

To make this stage continuously get brighter, drag out a repeat loop.

To make this stage get brighter gradually, like a real life sunrise, tinker with the values in the change effect clock and the repeat loop.

A larger number in the repeat loop and a smaller number in the change effect block slows down the effect while a smaller number in the repeat loop and a larger number in the change effect block speeds it up.

This example uses zero.5 in the change effect block.

Great. To make this stage go from night to day, add a set brightness effect block and a one flag click block to the top of this code stack.

Try out different values in the set brightness effect block, so that your stage won't be too dark but it will still look like nighttime.

Using a positive number in this block, makes the stage brighter.

Try using a negative number to get your desired effect.

This example uses negative 80.

Test your code and make sure the loop repeats changing the brightness effect enough times.

This example uses 150 in the repeat loop.

Awesome. You created a sunrise.

To make this stage appear to have a sunset, change the value in the set brightness effect block to positive number so that this stage starts off bright like the daytime.

Then change the value in the brightness effect block to a negative number like negative zero point five so that this stage gets darker like the sun is setting.

Tinker with the values in these blocks to adjust the brightness of the stage and the speed of the sunset.

It's up to you, feel free to add a wait block before the repeat loop so the sunrise or sunset doesn't happen so quickly.

Choose an Add-On

Sunrise, Sunset

Program a sunrise or sunset for your story.


Program objects to fall from the sky.

Music Fade

Add background music which fades in and out.

Slow Motion

Add a slow motion effect to your android.


Use the drawing tools to add your own animation.

User Input

Interact with the user of your program.


  1. Choose an add-on, and click the "Watch" button to learn how to build it.
  2. After you finish, come back to the add-ons Screen to try another add-on!