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In this add-on, you will change the sprite's appearances in the vector graphics editor, then add new costumes to convey different emotions.

To start, customize the sprites in the vector graphics editor.

Change the colors of their clothes or hair, put words on their shirts, or give them arms.

Anything you like.

The reshape tool is particularly useful.

This allows you to move the vector points on the sprite to reshape objects.

Use it to easily change the sprite's hair or body.

Once you've changed one costume in a sprite, replicate these changes on the other costumes.

Click between the costumes and make edits until everything matches between them, or copy features between the costumes.

Select the feature, hold the Ctrl or command key and press C, navigate to the other costume, then hold Ctrl or command again and press V.

If you have made a lot of changes to the costume, you could duplicate the entire costume, then change just the eyes.

Copy the eyes or the eyelids from the other costume.

In the new costume, delete the current eyes or eyelids.

This example changes the eyelids from the closed costume, so it copies the eyelids from the open costume.

Delete the costume that no longer matches and rename your new costume to match the name of the one you've deleted. Awesome.

While building your story, you may find that the emotions available in the starter project are not enough for you.

Next, make your own costumes to help your character express more emotions.

Click on the sprite you want to change.

This example uses Isabel talk.

Copy a costume by right-clicking on it, then selecting duplicate.

Name the costume at the top.

This example is going to be a silly face so it's called silly.

Add your own shapes using the ellipse, rectangle, and line tools, and reshape them.

This example turns an ellipse into a tongue.

If you don't like something you've done, press the undo button.

If you change your mind again and decide you like it, there's a redo button as well.

Use the select tool to move or resize a full piece of the object.

Place parts of the drawing in front of or behind others using the move forward one layer and the move back one layer buttons.

After you customize your design, come back to this page to create more add-ons.

To use the new costume in your project, type the name of the new costume in the new motion parameter for the appropriate part of the story.

This example uses the silly costume at the very end of the story.

Click the flag to test.

Awesome, the new costume shows at the end.

Now it's your turn.

Change the design of the sprites in the vector graphics editor.

Replicate these changes in the sprite's other costumes, so that the open and closed costume for each sprite match.

Create new costumes for the talk sprites to show different emotions.

Choose an Add-On


Use the editing tools to draw your own expression or edit the appearance of the sprite.


In "Chatterbox," add a sound that plays each time a character speaks.


Add moving eyebrows to your sprites' expressions.


Add an object related to the story.

Ask the Audience

As the user a question and react to the response.


  1. Watch the video to preview the add-ons.
  2. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  3. After you finish, come back to this page and try another one!