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In this add-on, you will animate your character's love with a cute heart effect.

To start, click on the character's sprite and broadcast a message to start the heart animation, and name the message something like hearts.

Add say blocks in the character's sprite to describe your loving moment.

In this example, this message is broadcast after the character says, you're the best!

Program the heart sprite to receive this message.

Add a when I receive message and make sure the heart's message is selected.

The hearts sprite is currently hidden, add a show block and click it to show the sprite.

Program the hearts sprite to appear near your character, then glide up and disappear.

From the Motion menu, add a go to mouse pointer block above the show block and select your character sprite's name in the dropdown menu.

Click the block stack to test.

If you can't see the hearts sprite, add a go to front block.

Click again to test.

Choose a spot for the hearts to start by adding a change y block and adjusting the value until the animation starts in the right place.

This example uses negative 65.

Click the block stack to test.

Next, program the sprite to move up and to the right as it becomes transparent.

Add a change x block and a change y block to scripts area.

Add a change effect block and select ghost from the dropdown.

Adjust the values in these blocks to change the look of the animation.

This example uses 10 in all three blocks.

Click these blocks to test a couple of times.


To make the heart look like it's continuously moving and growing transparent, add a repeat loop around the code and attach this block to the stack near the bottom of the when I receive block stack.

Make the heart start off solid and visible, add a clear graphic effect block above the show block, click the block stack to test.


To make the heart move slower, add a wait block in the repeat loop and adust the time.

This example uses 0.03 seconds.

To make the heart move in a slightly different way, add a pick random block to the change x block and type in the values one and 20.

Click again to test.

This looks pretty cool, but it will look even better with more hearts.

To make that happen, program the sprite to create several clones.

Detach everything under the when I receive block, then add a create clone block and a wait block, change the time in the wait block 0.1 seconds.

To make several clones, add a repeat block.

Next, program the clones to animate.

Add a when I start as a clone block to the top of the detached block stack.

Click to test.


To increase the time between the hearts flying, adjust the time in the wait block under the create clone block.

This example uses 0.25.

To hide the heart at the start of the program, add a hide block and a when flag clicked block.

Click the flag to test out your whole animation.

Now it's your turn.

Broadcast a message to tell the heart sprite to animate.

Program the heart sprite to start at your character, then move up and over and grow transparent when it receives this message.

Program the heart sprite to create clones of itself and animate the clones.

Choose an Add-On

So Much Emotion

Animate a tear falling from the character's face.


Add stars spinning around the character's head.

Show Some Love

Animate a heart effect.

Chit Chat

Animate the characters' mouths to move when they speak.


Program confetti, snow, hearts, or stars to fall from the sky.

User Interaction

Ask the user a question and program a response.


  1. Watch the video to preview the add-ons.
  2. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  3. After you finish, come back to this page and try another one!