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arrow_back Emotional Scene


In this add-on, you’ll create scene effect changes that go with your monster’s emotional expression.

In this example, the backdrop changes with the “happy” expression.

You will code an effect for any of the monster’s expressions--or even for all of them!

First, add a new backdrop.

This example uses “light.”

Add different “looks” blocks to the “stage” to create an effect that goes with the emotion in the scene, like getting brighter for happy, darker for sad, or changing to a specific color.

This example adds “change brightness” and “change color effect” blocks inside a repeat loop.

Test this, and tinker with the values to get your desired look.

To return the stage to normal, add a “clear graphic effects” block at the end of the repeat loop.


Next, program this scene change.

Click on the monster sprite.

This example changes the backdrop, so it uses a “switch backdrop to light” block from the looks menu and adds it above the “show feelings” block that expresses the happy animation.

Click back to the stage, and add a “when backdrop switches to light” block to the top of the effects block stack.

Test this.

When the program runs, the backdrop effect happens when the backdrop switches or when it receives the broadcast message.

Finally, to start the program with the original backdrop and change it after the backdrop effect, add “switch backdrop” blocks above and below the first “show feelings” block.

Now, it’s your turn.

Code an effect for any of the monster’s expressions.

Add a new backdrop, and use blocks from the looks menu to create a cool effect.

Then, return the stage to its normal state.

Choose an Add-On
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Program your monster to have a sound effect with each statement and animation.
Emotional Scene
Change the scene effect to reflect your monster's expression.
Movin' & Groovin'
Animate the monster's body parts.
Add a smokey effect to show the monster is upset.
Draw An Expression
Use the drawing tools to add your own monster expression.
More Monsters
Add more characters to your story.
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